Life Style Salads and raw vegetables should not be eaten during the rainy season?

Salads and raw vegetables should not be eaten during the rainy season?

Green Vegetables in Rainy Season: By the way, everyone likes the rainy season. At the same time, who would not like hot-tea pakodas as soon as the monsoon arrives. On the other hand, the rainy season also brings with it many diseases. In monsoon, our immunity becomes weak, due to which the risk of infection also increases. In such a situation, people do not know about what diet should be adopted in monsoon. People also advise not to eat raw vegetables and salads, but should one really stay away from salads and raw vegetables during the rainy season. Come, we will tell you here what you should and should not eat during the rainy season?

Whether to eat raw vegetables during the rainy season, know

1-Vegetables and salads are very important for good health and should be consumed in every season. But their consumption should change with the season. Vegetables and salads provide us with nutrients as well as protect us from many diseases, but consuming it incorrectly can harm your health.

2- Many types of bacteria are found in raw vegetables during the rainy season. If they reach inside our body, then they can also unbalance the digestive system, so green vegetables and salads can be harmful for our body during the rainy season.

3- In the rainy season, wash the vegetables in tap water and then boil the vegetables well and eat them.

4-Do not include green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, radish leaf in the salad, it may contain disease-causing germs.

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Health and Fitness Tips: Consume curd mixed with these things, many diseases will remain away

Weight Loss Tips: Green vegetables and green fruits will reduce weight, include this low calorie food in the diet

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