Entrepreneur Sami measures the carbon footprint of SMEs and ETIs

Sami measures the carbon footprint of SMEs and ETIs

In the fight against global warming, a new tricolor player comes to the rescue of SMEs and ETIs wishing to measure their carbon footprint, even without legal constraint below 500 employees. Created in March 2020, Sami was born from the climate awareness of Tanguy-Robertex-employee of Legalstart, who, after having immersed himself during the first confinement in the reports of the IPCC, immediately convinced his childhood friend, Nicholas Crestinformer energy and climate consultant at PUR Projet, to make their long-standing entrepreneurial project a reality.

“Our platform allows us to offer a solution that is tailored to the needs of each company and all sectors of activity, from construction to finance, including services and industry”, explains the co-founding duo. . “What sets us apart from our competitors, such as Carbon or Greenly in France, is first of all the power and quality of our tool, which is closer to a decarbonation driving brain than a CO2 calculator”.


Developed in-house under the leadership of Sami’s technical director, Nicolas Clavaud, who worked for La Ruche Qui Dit Oui, it is based on an architecture mixing IT bricks from PHP Symfony, React and PostgreSQL. The business model is based on the sale of annual subscriptions and additional options: “Our prices, which depend on the size of the company and its sector, vary from 900 to 10,000 euros per year and often represent less than a tenth of a percent of its turnover. A derisory cost when you know the stakes,” say the co-chairs.

Initially, Sami financed himself by selling consulting services then, at the start of 2021, raised 400,000 euros from business angels and in love money, supplemented by 200,000 euros in subsidies from Bpifrance. To accelerate its growth, double its team of 27 people including 5 coaches who help companies take control of its solution and perfect it with an R&D budget of 560,000 euros, Sami will launch seed funding in June. “Our goal is to raise 2 million from our community via crowdfunding, which will allow our customers and our teams to invest in Sami’s capital”. With 300 customers on the counter, including Michel & Augustin, Doctolib or Cegedim, the start-up wants to triple its turnover to 1.2 million in 2022.


Creation date : 2020
Founders: Tanguy Robert and Nicolas Crestin
Effective : 27 people
Sector: environment

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