Top Stories Sana’a .. Al-Houthi militia storms a mosque in Sanhan and prevents Tarawih prayers

Sana’a .. Al-Houthi militia storms a mosque in Sanhan and prevents Tarawih prayers

The terrorist Houthi militia stormed the Al-Nour Mosque in the Sanhan District in Sanaa Governorate, and prevented citizens from performing Tarawih prayers before the militia members occupied the mosque and turned it into a place for the retired.

Local sources said, yesterday, Tuesday, that elements belonging to the Houthi supervisor stormed the “Al-Nour” mosque in the village of “Imad Sanhan” during the performance of the Tarawih prayers, and hurt the worshipers, then occupied the mosque and transformed it into its headquarters, practicing “storage” inside it and opening their daily program And the rebel leader’s speeches over loudspeakers.

The sources added to Al-Sahwa Net, that when the Houthi elements stormed the mosque, they were chanting screams and banging on the doors, shouting insults and insulting the worshipers.

The incident sparked widespread resentment among the region’s residents, who contributed to the “blatant attack perpetrated by the Houthi militia, and their lack of appreciation for the sanctity of God’s homes and their bad treatment of worshipers.

Since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the Houthi militia stormed dozens of mosques in the various governorates under their control, and closed some of them in front of worshipers, while other mosques were converted into tanning beds, and installed screens that broadcast lectures and sectarian sermons to the leader of the rebel group, and transmitted them through loudspeakers designated for prayer and prayer.


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