Top Stories Sanaa rents…between the crazy increase imposed by the “Houthis” and the lack of salaries

Sanaa rents…between the crazy increase imposed by the “Houthis” and the lack of salaries

The capital, Sanaa, is witnessing a crazy and unprecedented rise in apartment rents, where the increase is more than 70% than it was before the Houthi militia coup in 2014.

And local sources told “Al-Asima Online” that the price of rents for apartments with medium capacity and specifications, which accommodate a small family, amounted to 150,000 riyals per month, for one apartment, which consists of three rooms.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi militia is in control of the crazy rise in real estate and apartment rents, through its control first of the real estate market, as no new tenant can obtain an apartment except through the group.

In addition to the transfer of a large number of its members and leaders from Saada and other areas to rent entire residential neighborhoods in the capital, Sana’a, which created an increase in demand and an increase in RentalsIn addition, the group has recently acquired most of the villas and residential neighborhoods in Sana’a, which it rents for exorbitant sums, in addition to the houses of opponents it occupies by force of arms, and has turned most of them into a tool for investment.

The sources indicated that the citizen is living in miserable conditions, as a result of the crazy increase in the prices of apartment and real estate rents, and the rise in rents prices Goods and necessities, at a time when the militias continue to confiscate salaries since, which put the citizen between the choice of providing a living or paying the rent of the house.

The Houthi militia had strengthened its grip on the real estate file and the housing and land sector, in order to make it easier for its leaders to loot citizens’ lands and state lands.


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