Top Stories “Sannat al-air” … an alternative Adani meal in light of the high fish prices

“Sannat al-air” … an alternative Adani meal in light of the high fish prices

Fish prices in the temporary capital, Aden, have recently increased significantly, which exacerbated the suffering of citizens and deprived them of their basic meal that they used to eat on a daily basis.

Citizens said in exclusive statements to “Al Sahwa Net” that the prices of fishing increased significantly, as some of the traded items of fishing species reached 10,000 Yemeni riyals per kilo of the type of drak, while the price of one kilo for the type of white, or the so-called Sakhla, reached 8000 riyals.

Citizens added that these bids by raising the price of fish internally caused them to be deprived of buying their daily food of fish, especially since this meal is considered one of the main and important meals on the Adeni table.

Citizens emphasized that the high prices of fish resorted to banning another meal known in Aden as “air pollution”, which is a common mocking expression to describe lunch without fish.

In the same context, fishermen explained in their statements to Al-Sahwa Net that the reasons for the increase in fish prices are linked to the prices of fishing equipment and fuel prices, which are costing them so much that the fisherman no longer covers the expenses of his trip in addition to the fishing seasons in which types of fish disappear and cause their prices to rise. .

The fishermen pointed out that those problems that the fish sector suffers from, most notably the high prices of fuel, materials and fishing equipment, reflected on the conditions of fishermen, affected their work in catching fish, and caused an increase in prices.

This comes at a time when the people of Aden used to prepare daily meals with various types of fish, as most of the coastal city residents became accustomed to eating them on a daily basis.


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