Infotech Saving in times of crisis, tip no. 2: bet on investment property

Saving in times of crisis, tip no. 2: bet on investment property

In the family of investments intended to establish a heritage, real estate occupies a special place. It concerns those who have already acquired their main residence… or who have given up on it, for lack of being able to afford sufficient space to house their family. It can therefore concern both young workers and people in their fifties or sixties. As opposed to financial investments, the stone appeals to the greatest number for its useful and tangible side.

It also acts as a safe haven when things go wrong or at least when the economic environment is uncertain, which all the experts expect at least for the next two years. A survey published at the end of September by Harris Interactive for the real estate agency network L’Adresse indicates that a quarter of French people are interested in a real estate investment in the next twelve months. The key advantage of this investment: it is financed on credit. Thus, part of the contracted bank debt is reimbursed by the rents of the tenant. Buyers who have a good debt capacity and who can borrow at a rate (insurance included) lower than the usury rate have every interest in financing their purchase on credit.

Despite the sharp rise in rates offered by banks since the beginning of this year, rates remain cheap. The broker indicates that, over twenty years, the average rate currently stands at 2%. However, some files that

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