Infotech Scheduled payments, a more reassuring option to go public

Scheduled payments, a more reassuring option to go public

After a particularly successful year 2021 for equity investments, 2022 is proving to be much more difficult. After the Covid and with the war in Ukraine, the return of inflation prompted the American central bank (Federal Reserve, Fed), on June 15, to raise its interest rates, which caused a further fall in prices of Stock Exchange. And naturally, after several months of decline, investors are asking the $1 million question: wouldn’t this be the right time to reinvest in stocks?

How to do well on the stock market in the face of multiple headwinds

After all, on the one hand, it may be time for bargains after 10% to 40% declines – in short, time for stock sales. But on the other, nothing indicates that we have reached a low point on the stock market indices. So should we reinvest and bet everything on a rebound today? Or wait for a hypothetical low point? And wait until when?

There is a third way, more pragmatic, more reassuring, and which allows

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