Technology Sciences: a record blob in Chateauroux

Sciences: a record blob in Chateauroux



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Students from several places in France all brought back their blob, a unicellular organism. They are supposed to merge to form a record blob.

Saturday June 4 in Chateauroux (Indre), the blobs arrive from everywhere. Some students from the Saint-Joseph college in Plabennec (Finistère) made him grow up in their college. “It is an organism that is neither vegetable, nor fungus, nor animal.“, describes Maeliss, a student. These single-celled organisms like shade, humidity and around twenty degrees. Received, observed and cut into a square, they are then reunited on the ground. After two to three hours, they are supposed to merge Together, the participants want to set a record.

Students of all ages, all levels, individuals from all regions: everyone has prepared their blob in the classroom or at home to observe how it develops. “It makes them want to do science and us it’s a bit our job, in any case it’s what we like to do“, says Jean-Sébastien Robert, professor of SVT in Noyon (Oise). All the two centimeter blobs will therefore unite to form a record blob.

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