Infotech Sébastien Bolloré, the (symbolic) return of the missing son

Sébastien Bolloré, the (symbolic) return of the missing son

Until now, Sébastien Bolloré, the eldest of the heirs to the Bolloré group, was the invisible member of the family. He had not even made an exception for the 200th anniversary of the company, on February 17: while his younger brothers, Yannick and Cyrille were posing, dressed in Glazik costumes, in front of the Kerdévot chapel in Ergué-Gabéric (Finistère), cradle of the family group, he was not there. He had a good reason, according to the local daily, “Le Télégramme”: his wife was giving birth that day.

In truth, long before taking on operational roles, his brothers and sister, Marie, appeared at all general assemblies. But, Sébastien, born on January 24, 1978, was never there.

The imperfect will no longer be appropriate from now on. Because Vincent Bolloré finally holds the photo of the entire dynasty, on the sofa. It was shown on May 25 at the general meeting of Compagnie de l’Odet, the group’s holding company, and appears in the annual report. A real trophy thus captioned: “the seventh ruling generation”.

Image published in the Compagnie de l’Odet annual report. (DR)

It is because, according to the annual report, Sébastien Bolloré “agreed to join Compagnie de l’Odet as Deputy CEO”. This position, he will occupy it from June 30. He will receive a fixed compensation of 800,000 euros gross as well as a variable portion which may be equivalent. Directors’ attendance fees and official accommodation will be added.

“It’s the

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