Top Stories Security force kidnaps a young man while distributing breakfast in Aden

Security force kidnaps a young man while distributing breakfast in Aden

On Thursday, a security force kidnapped a young man while distributing breakfast on a Caltex tour in the temporary capital, Aden.

Local sources said that a security force kidnapped the young Hamza Ali al-Nakhbi before Morocco on Thursday, May 6, 2021, while distributing “fasting” meals to passing cars on the Caltex tour, and took him to an unknown destination.

The family of the young Hamza al-Nakhbi said that a security force, who did not know about itself, kidnapped her son, Hamza, and took him to an unknown destination, adding that a report was submitted to the Mansoura police to find out where he was being held to carry out the necessary legal procedures.

The Al-Nakhibi family added, in a statement, that Al-Sahwa Net obtained a copy of it that their son was kidnapped for 24 hours, and after contacting and searching, it did not reach anything new about knowing his whereabouts.

The family confirmed that from the moment their son was kidnapped to these moments, it had communicated with all the security services present in Aden, noting that all the security services denied the presence of the young voter there.

The family also held the Aden Security Administration and the Security Belt Forces fully responsible for the kidnapping of their son, confirming that their son suffers from health problems.

The family clarified that if he is mistaken or commits any crime, then the security authorities have the right to take the necessary legal measures and that they do not object to that, noting that it is the right of his family to know his whereabouts, visit him and check on him.

The capital, Aden, is witnessing the presence of many security forces that follow certain leaderships and are subject to the Southern Transitional Council, which controls the governorate at a time when the city is in a state of security chaos and chaos.


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