Infotech September 29 strike: update on transport disruptions

September 29 strike: update on transport disruptions

Major disturbances to be expected. The CGT, FSU, Solidaires and youth organizations call Thursday, September 29 for a day of strike and demonstration, a ” first stage “ while waiting for other mobilizations under the slogan: “raise wages, not the retirement age”. Due to this interprofessional strike, transport throughout France is likely to be disrupted.

• Two out of three buses but all metros in Ile-de-France

This is the case of the RATP network in Ile-de-France in buses, trams and the RER B. On the RER B, three trains out of four on average will be in circulation, but the interconnection will be maintained with the SNCF part north of the line. On the bus side, it will be necessary to count on 2 buses out of 3, “with some very disturbed lines”, adds the management. Night buses will run normally.

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For trams, the public company counts on 9 trams out of 10 on average. However, line T3a is an exception: it will only be operated between Pont du Garigliano and Porte d’Ivry with only 1 out of 2 trams.

On the other hand, metro and RER A traffic will be ” normal “assured the RATP in a press release.

• One in three trains in Normandy

“The circulation of TGV Inoui, Ouigo, TER and Transilien trains will be disrupted on certain lines”, announced the SNCF. In Normandy, one in three trains will run on the lines and no buses will be put in place. “Following the shortage of drivers currently facing road transport companies, no substitution by coach will be possible. »

• 40% of TER in Nord-Pas-de-Calais

In the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, only 40% of the TER will be maintained according to “la Voix du Nord”. 85% of high-speed TER will be provided. SNCF invites travelers to consult the information for Thursday on the Recontact Clients application.

• Possible delays on air links

The USAC CGT, the first civil aviation union, also filed a strike notice for September 29. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has not requested a reduction in flight schedules from airlines for this day. Nevertheless, “despite these preventive measures”disruptions and delays are nevertheless possible, warns the DGAC.

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