Infotech Serial shortages: why this economic overheating is potentially dangerous

Serial shortages: why this economic overheating is potentially dangerous

Change car right now? A virtual challenge. The two national manufacturers, Renault and Stellantis (which oversees Peugeot, Citroën, Fiat or Opel), have been forced to concentrate their production only on top-of-the-range models and novelties – those that bring them the most. The other orders will wait: Renault will reduce its production by 500,000 cars this year and Stellantis by 600,000. Auto sales in October are down 37% compared to 2020. For Maxime Lemerle, director of sector research at the insurer -credit Euler Hermes:

The automobile is emblematic of the interdependencies revealed by the crisis: a globalized profession, where each depends on the other, where stocks are reduced to a minimum and production concentrated in certain areas of the world. This economic model has made them at the mercy of the slightest shock …

It is the too strong demand – unexpected in a climate of violent crisis – which blew up this perfectly regulated mechanism. So what is wrong with the realm of factories today?

The galley of terminals for electric cars: the reasons for the French delay

1) The great Asian disorganization

The first disease that affects factories in France and elsewhere is their dependence on “made in Asia”. Textiles and sports shoes, basic products, but also high-end components: everything comes from Southeast Asia and China. If Renault is blocked, it is because “The availability of microprocess

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