Top Stories Shabwa Governor announces the approaching date of operating the Jannah oil sector

Shabwa Governor announces the approaching date of operating the Jannah oil sector

The Governor of Shabwah, Muhammad bin Adiou, announced that the Jannah oil sector would soon be operating, that Shabwa Governorate had obtained licenses for the floating reservoir at the Qena oil and commercial port (under construction) and the import of the first two shipments of oil derivatives through it under the direct supervision of the Yemeni Oil Company in Shabwa.

During his presiding over the regular meeting of the Executive Office in Shabwah Governorate today, Governor Bin Adiou noted the imminence of the initiation of the establishment of the Information Center in Shabwa Governorate, stressing the need to activate the statistical departments in all service units in Shabwa, and to update the database of job forces in it .. pointing to the importance of This is in the fight against the phenomenon of double employment in the administrative, military and security units in Shabwa.

The Executive Office in Shabwa Governorate discussed during its meeting in the presence of the Secretary General of the Local Council in Shabwah Abd Rabbo Hashala and Shabwa governorate agents, Dr. Abdul Qawi Lamrouq, Salem Ba Awada, Salem Al-Ahmadi and Fahd Al-Tousli, two reports on the activities of the General Authority for Marine Fisheries during the past three quarters of this year, and the activities of the Shabwa local radio and Subul Activating its media performance and expanding its radio broadcast.

The Shabwa executive also touched upon discussing the general trends of the business plan of the Executive Office for the next year, stressing the need for the Services Committee to continue its role in clearing the squares and streets of Ataq City and adding aesthetic touches to them, and the need to prepare and complete the final accounts reports and the annual inventory in all administrative units for the next year, blessings Government formation success.

He stressed the importance of its role in completing the national tasks before it at this stage, primarily the elimination of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia coup and the restoration of the state and its constitutional legitimacy.


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