Top Stories Shabwa Governor calls for unifying the home front and supporting the army and the resistance in the fateful battle

Shabwa Governor calls for unifying the home front and supporting the army and the resistance in the fateful battle

Shabwa Governor Muhammad Saleh Adyo called on the local authorities in the governorate’s districts to support and support the efforts of the local authority in the governorate to unify the internal front and support the National Army and the popular resistance in the fateful battle with the Iranian-backed Houthi militia and rid the entire soil of the governorate of its evils and arrogance.

Today, while chairing an expanded meeting of the general directors of the governorate’s directorates, bin Adiyo stressed the need to close ranks and enhance cohesion between the people of the governorate and state institutions in order to preserve the governorate and its security. Its stability and confronting the Houthi threat and its Iranian project that is hostile to the nation, pointing out that the historical, national and religious responsibility calls for cohesion and close ranks behind the political leadership represented by His Excellency President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic, and the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the face of the Houthi coup that threatens everyone. .

Governor Ben Adyo said, “Any calls aimed at distracting the security and military services from their main battle with the Houthi militia are a free service for these militias, especially as we are in dire need of uniting and pooling all energies and capabilities towards the battle with the coup militias,” stressing the importance and vitality of the role that must be played. To be played by the local authorities in the districts in this direction.

pointed The Governor of Shabwa, to the role entrusted to the local authorities in the districts with regard to efforts to address the service, development and security conditions and to stand united by the heroes of the national army against the aggression of the Houthi militia and to educate the community and inform it of the dangers of the delusional priestly ideology of these militias.

Bin Adiyo praised the efforts of the directorates-general and the activities they carried out in all aspects during the past period..noting that the current exceptional stage that the governorate is going through requires strenuous efforts, cooperation and continuous coordination.


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