Life Style Shahid Kapoor did not like Mira’s parents at all, know how to meet the girl’s family

Shahid Kapoor did not like Mira’s parents at all, know how to meet the girl’s family

Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput: The pairing of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput is very good. Both of them look very cute whenever they are spotted. The way the bonding of both looks, it is clearly visible that both of them love each other but do you know that Shahid did not like Mira’s parents at all. You can guess from this that the father of a daughter can also dislike a superstar like Shahid Kapoor if he does not make him look like a gentleman.

Mira’s parents did not like Shahid
Shahid had told that before marriage, he once went to meet Meera’s house. At that time, he was shooting for ‘Udta Punjab’ due to which his hair had grown and he had tattoos all over his body. As soon as Meera’s father opened the door, he was stunned to see her. He asked Shahid in surprise that is my daughter going to marry you?

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Meera had also placed a condition in front of Shahid-
It is not that Meera’s father did not like her look. Meera had also made a condition before marrying Shahid that at the time of marriage, she should do her hair exactly like before. Quite small. One thing was very clear that not only Meera’s father but Meera herself was not much impressed by the personality of that time.

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Before meeting the girl’s family, do some work on yourself-
You have to understand that whenever you go to meet the family of the girl whom you are going to marry, then do some work on yourself. It is very important to work on your looks, on your personality. Your hair should be properly set, beard trimmed and your clothes should be perfect so that the girl’s parents see you as a responsible and settled person.


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