Life Style Shani Dev got entry in the Surya Mahal at the behest of Indra, yet his father did not accept it.

Shani Dev got entry in the Surya Mahal at the behest of Indra, yet his father did not accept it.

Mahima Shanidev ki : Seeing the sons quarreling among themselves, Mother Chhaya pleaded with Suryadev and got Shani Dev free from the curse of burning by the rays of the sun, but was refused to adopt him or give him a place in the Surya Mahal.

This was the time when Indra himself and Guru Shukracharya had waged a struggle in the forest while searching for the power of Karmafaldata. During the struggle, he came to know that in the form of Shani Dev, whom he was competing to get as a powerhouse, he is not a neutral power but the son of Suryadev himself, so both of them stopped the war and got into thinking. The demons left feeling cheated, but Indra’s happiness knew no bounds, he became enraged to hear that Shanidev was the son of Sun. But he got angry on the matter of Suryadev not adopting Shani Dev. Saying that he is the god himself, he ordered Suryadev to apologize to Chhaya, if Suryadev agrees for this, then Suryadev instructs Shani to take Shani to the Surya Mahal. Being Devraj, Suryadev is unable to avoid him and allows Shani Dev to stay with the whole family in Surya Mahal.

Here, Shanidev is astonished to know his reality, but at the behest of his mother, he agrees to walk to the Surya Mahal. On reaching there, Shani Dev is felicitated, but when he goes to seek the blessings of his father, Suryadev despises him by remembering the pain of the eclipse on himself through Shani in childhood. He warns them that at the behest of mother Chhaya, he got a place in the Surya Mahal, but the one who eclipses the father can never accept the son, in such a situation, Shani Dev could not get the father’s support even after coming to the father’s house.

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