Entrepreneur She shuns freelance platforms: “A customer is exchanges”

She shuns freelance platforms: “A customer is exchanges”

Freelance platforms, Sophie Agrapart has tried. The communications freelancer created a profile on one of them over a year ago. Become independent “By choice” almost ten years ago, she wanted to refresh her order book and find new customers.

This former employee of a large communication agency achieved some 60,000 euros in turnover in 2020: editorial advice for newsletter writing, creation of an editorial charter, brand platform, advertising writing… In the trough of a wave , so she does the big leap of platforms. “I started to register, and I left screaming”, she admits. No question of being reduced to a simple photo and a price!

Build a relationship with its customers

Sophie Agrapart blocks: “It was like being chosen in a store. And I don’t want to be seen as an object. “ And even less at a knockdown price. On the platform, it displays its usual daily rates, around 600 euros, and quickly realizes that they are 200 euros higher than those of its competitors. “Maybe correct rates according to their skills. But I don’t know how they manage to get by ”, she wonders.

The freelancer recognizes it, more technical profiles are of interest, in IT for example. But contact by interposed screens, “Without succeeding in decoding who I am dealing with”, is not enough for him. “A client is an exchange of ideas, points of view, trends… A relationship that is built up little by little. “

Same reflection for LinkedIn where she admits having trouble addressing an unknown client, point blank. “Maybe I’m too much of the older generation?” “ Only the platform specialized in communication CreativLink seduced her for a while, “Because it was positioned as an agency, with a liaison officer who knew me well. “ In recent years, she has observed the growing role of platforms, with the fear that they will one day become ” Standard “, and totally eclipse the wage earners in its branch.

Address book rather than platform

Sophie Agrapart does not however intend to make her case a generality. “It all depends on age, financial needs, address book …” With fifteen years of career behind her in communication and advertising, her orders come mostly through word of mouth. Rather than platforms, it favors business networks such as Business Network International (BNI) which organizes local meetings of entrepreneurs, limited to one representative per profession. these networks make it possible to create a small support network with one goal: to exchange views, to work together, to put in touch with other customers.

The freelancer had once given lessons in a Parisian communication school. Today, if she were to give advice to future entrepreneurs, she would recommend focusing on contact over click. “Meet people, do it the old fashioned way! It is on your personality that we will choose you. “

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