Infotech Should Black Friday be abolished?

Should Black Friday be abolished?

Impossible to miss it! Over the past few weeks, and even more blatantly in recent days, the flood of your ads has probably exploded, with a single rallying cry: “Black Friday! Imported from the United States in 2012, via tech and e-commerce players, the “Black Friday” operation (due to the traffic jams and crowd movements it generates) quickly gained momentum: several billion euros of purchases are now made in a single weekend. Staggering figures (and confusing images of crowds on the shelves) that have made these Yankee-style clearance sales the very symbol of frenetic overconsumption.

With the environmental and social consequences that it is easy to imagine: waste of resources, explosion of waste, considerable carbon footprint, soaring profits of large groups and online commerce to the detriment of local businesses… “Through discounts, advertisements, you are encouraged to buy products that you do not necessarily need”denounced in 2019 the Minister of Ecological Transition at the time, a certain … Elisabeth Borne.

In the following months, the deputy (now Nupes) Delphine Batho had managed to slip into the law against waste an article described as “anti-Black Friday”, now brandished by certain elected officials and environmental activists to demand the banning of ‘operation. Impossible, had decided in 2020 the Minister of the Economy, Br

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