Life Style Simple way to do workouts at home during the Corona period, make your body strong with these 3 exercises

Simple way to do workouts at home during the Corona period, make your body strong with these 3 exercises

These days most people are imprisoned in homes. Due to Kovid-19, people are scared to get out of the house. People are unable to do workouts by going to the gym and park. There is no need to be upset in this situation. If you want to keep yourself fit. So you can also exercise by staying at home. You should focus on exercising more and more. But just by exercising you can not fit completely. You will need to do a full body workout to maintain your body shape. Now the question is arising in your mind that how can you do full body workouts at home. So today we will tell you how you can do a full body workout at home with just 3 exercises.

1- Lateral lugs
First of all, you can do lateral lunge exercises to do workouts at home. It works on your lower body. By doing this exercise, your back, thigh and legs are strengthened. Doing lateral langs daily also helps in balancing your body. It does not take much effort to do this exercise. You can do this quite easily at home.

way- To do lateral lunge exercises, first of all you should stand upright on the ground. Now try to move the right leg diagonally behind the back and lower right knee and bend. After staying in this position for some time, you should straighten up and repeat the same process with the other leg as well.

2- Jump Squat
For full body workouts, do a daily jump squat. This will make the muscles of your thigh, legs and entire body tight. By doing this regularly, you will see the effect. Jump squats affect the entire body.

way- To do a jump squat, stand up straight on the ground and keep the legs slightly wide at shoulder width. Now you come to the position of sitting on the chair. Stop in this position and then when you get up, try to jump with emphasis on your feet. While doing this, you open your entire body. Tilt your arms down.

3- Dolphin Fourarm Planck
By the way, Planck is the perfect exercise to tonify the whole body. It works to keep your entire body fit and strengthen the muscles. After any of your exercises, you should make a four-day planck daily for 5 minutes. This will greatly affect your body. Dolphin Fourarm Planck is also effective in relieving pain and tension of hands.

way- To plan the dolphin forearm, you lie on a mat in a position with push-ups. Keep in mind that you will stay in this position with the help of your elbows. Now, while raising your hips upward, bring your head exactly below your belly. When you are in reverse V-shape, then wait a few seconds and then come back to your previous position. In the beginning, do this plank slowly and then try to accelerate later.

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