Life Style Sleeping in wet hair causes many problems, know what are their solutions

Sleeping in wet hair causes many problems, know what are their solutions

Wet Hair Care Tips: Taking a bath in hot and sticky weather leads to good sleep. But the fun of bathing comes only when the head is bathed. Because it removes all the stress and the mind becomes completely calm. In such a situation, sleep comes as soon as you lie on the bed. But even after having so many benefits, we are advising you not to do this, behind this there are many reasons related to the health of your hair.

hair becomes brittle
After shampooing, along with the dirt and bacteria from your hair, the natural oil of the hair also gets washed away. That’s why your hair is weak and when you lie on a pillow with these weak hairs, turning sides, your hair gets more damaged and break. In such a situation, you have to face dry and tangled hair in the morning.


If women make a ponytail or put a rubber band on their wet hair to avoid getting tangled, then by rubbing the hair together and rubbing it with a pillow, they are saved from getting spoiled, but due to the rubber band, they get damaged a lot. So this is also not a good idea. It is true that if you wash your hair at night, then definitely use a blow dryer.

skin problems

While sleeping on the pillow, the dead cells of our skin, dandruff from the scalp, oil from the pores, etc., all start going inside the pillow along with the pillow cover. Our pillow is a sensitive place for bacterial growth. When you apply a pillow to wet hair, bacteria get their preferred environment to grow. Because wet hair brings moisture to the pillow. Due to wet pillow, pimples and acne can come on your skin, then there is a problem of mold in the hair.

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