Infotech SNCF strike at Christmas: two out of three trains in circulation this weekend

SNCF strike at Christmas: two out of three trains in circulation this weekend

There will therefore be SNCF strikes at Christmas. Only two out of three trains will run this Friday, just before Christmas, because of a strike by controllers, SNCF management announced on Tuesday, December 20 at a press conference. “At least two out of three trains” will be rolling this weekend, announced the CEO of SNCF Voyageurs, Christophe Fanichet.

SNCF facing competition: the new rail battle has begun

On Friday, in detail, two out of three TGVs should run on the Atlantic and Mediterranean axes, and one in two trains on the North axis; the Paris-Lille shuttle will however be almost normal. Three TGV Est out of four will run. Three Ouigo out of four should also circulate. The Intercités should have normal traffic conditions.

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The detail for Saturday and Sunday has not yet been communicated, but the scenario will be roughly the same as Friday, but “slightly degraded”announced Alain Krakovitch, director of TGV-Intercités.

“I can understand that there are demands, but for the Christmas holidays… now is not the time”, launched during a press conference Christophe Fanichet, CEO of SNCF Voyageurs. Around 200,000 people are not expected to be able to travel, out of the 800,000 scheduled on trains this weekend.

Customers will receive information about their train via SMS and email. They are encouraged to advance their departure if possible, and can exchange their tickets for free or get a refund.

“We did everything to avoid this strike”

Since November, the SNCF has been struggling to establish dialogue with the group of controllers behind this social movement. They demand better recognition of the specificity of this profession.

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The national collective ASCT (CNA) brings together more than 3,500 members on Facebook and rejects any acquaintance with the unions, even if it had to rely on the union organizations to bring its demands and file notices.

A first weekend of strike, from December 2 to 5, had led the SNCF to cancel 60% of its TGV and Intercités.

“We did everything to avoid this strike, we gave every chance to social dialogue”launched Christophe Fanichet. “We have come up with new, strong and concrete proposals”he stressed, again asking the controllers not to strike.

Following a meeting with the collective and unions on December 8, the management proposed to increase the “work bonus” for skippers by 600 euros per year, part of which would be integrated into their salary in 2024, as well as an additional allowance of 600 euros gross per year. Other specific measures concerning advancement have been put on the table in order to facilitate the career development of skippers.

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