Infotech SNCF strike: heavily disrupted traffic, threatened Christmas holidays

SNCF strike: heavily disrupted traffic, threatened Christmas holidays

Rail traffic is severely disrupted in France due to a strike by controllers which is forcing the national company to cancel 60% of its trains this Friday, December 2 and this weekend, a movement which could be renewed during the end-of-season celebrations. ‘year.

The SNCF thus plans, from this Friday to Sunday, between 1 train in 2 and 1 in 4 on the high-speed TGV network and 1 in 2 on the classic interregional network (Intercités), as well as the cancellation of all night trains. .

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TGV fares will increase by 5% on average from January

Internationally, the company foresees normal traffic for Eurostar to Great Britain and Thalys (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany), 1 out of 3 TGVs to Switzerland, 1 out of 2 to Germany, 1 out of 3 to Italy and no traffic to Spain.

A “gradual recovery” is envisaged on Monday, with 3 out of 4 trains to all TGV axes.

Proposals described as “crumbs” by the unions

This social movement relates to wage demands, career development and, overall, greater recognition of the specificities of the function of the some 10,000 train managers (controllers) of the SNCF who have an essential function in terms of safety of the traffic and passengers.

The government asks the SNCF to work on a “tariff shield” to limit the price of train tickets

These captains, without whom the trains cannot leave, have already filed strike notices for the weekends of Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The direction of the SNCF regretted the maintenance of this movement “while concrete measures” were presented to the unions. The striking organizations, for their part, deplored having obtained only ” crumbs “.

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