Infotech SNCF strike: the CGT and SUD-Rail do not call for a strike for December 25 and 31 but maintain their notice

SNCF strike: the CGT and SUD-Rail do not call for a strike for December 25 and 31 but maintain their notice

A very Macronian “and at the same time”. The anxiety around the end of year celebrations weighed for several weeks on the French rail. The CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail finally decided this Monday, December 19 not to call the controllers’ strike for the Christmas and New Year weekends while maintaining their notice in order to give everyone the opportunity to join. or not to movement.

“We have decided to leave our union tool available” to allow those who wish to go on strike, indicated SUD-Rail, while the CGT also intends to give its members the opportunity to “getting involved in the process”.

The sequel after the ad

The captains – official name of the controllers – gathered within a collective, outside of any trade union framework, called “Collectif national ASCT” (CNA). They are calling for measures to improve their career development and salary increases. The unions had been mandated by this collective to examine the proposals of the SNCF.

60% of trains canceled during a strike in early December

SNCF Voyageurs made several proposals following a round table on 8 December. It proposed to increase the work bonus for controllers by 600 euros per year, part of which would be integrated into the salary in 2024, as well as an additional allowance of 600 euros gross per year. Other specific promotion measures have been put on the table in order to facilitate the career development of skippers.

SNCF facing competition: the new rail battle has begun

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the collective, which brings together around 3,500 members on a Facebook page, assured AFP that he was still in talks with management because, he said, “the account is not there”.

A controllers’ strike on the first weekend of December had led the SNCF to cancel 60% of its TGV and Intercités. Nearly half of the 9,000 captains then went on strike.

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