Top Stories Sniping, bombing and mines..Houthi terrorism continues to kill children in Yemen

Sniping, bombing and mines..Houthi terrorism continues to kill children in Yemen

The brutality of the terrorist Houthi militia is not limited to men and women only, but it has not spared young children from its terror. Terrorism has no known law, nor religion, and future generations will tell the stories of children whose lives were taken at the hands of a brutal group. Heartbroken.

Three of one family

Six days ago, the fall of a shell fired by the Houthis on the al-Kamb neighborhood, north of Taiz, killed three children and wounded a fourth from one family. It led to the amputation of his right foot and he is currently in Al-Thawra Hospital.

Weeping, he added, “The shell fired by the Houthi group two days ago landed near the house, killing and wounding his children while they were returning from the grocery store.

He and his family were wounded by shrapnel, and only one amputee child remains, who will remain handicapped throughout his life due to the shelling of the Houthi militia.

Last June, the Houthi coup militia launched an attack with three ballistic missiles on Al-Rawda neighborhood in the city of Ma’rib, northeastern Yemen, a city densely populated and displaced people, which led to the death of three children.

2 year old baby

A few days before that, a child was shot by a Houthi militia sniper in the northeastern governorate of Ma’rib. Yemen’s ambassador to UNESCO, Muhammad Jumaih, said in a tweet via Twitter that the two-year-old, Sarhan Naji Shabwan, was shot by a Houthi sniper that hit him near the heart. He pointed out that the child is the youngest wounded from the Al-Jadaan tribe in Marib, at the age of two years.

head shot

In Taiz, a child was martyred, last August, by a sniper of the terrorist Houthi militia, northeast of the city of Taiz, southwest of Yemen. The Taiz Human Rights Center stated that the child, “Hossam Talal Hassan Hussein”, (14 years old), was killed by a sniper’s bullet from the Houthi militia stationed in Taiz. In the silk hill, on the 40th Street.

He explained that the child, “Hossam, was shot in the head by the Houthi sniper, and he died immediately.”

water girl

In November of last year, the girl, Ruwaida, suffered a severe head injury as a result of sniping from the central security camp of the Houthi militia while she was on her way to fetch water for their home in the Kalaba neighborhood in the city of Taiz. When her brother, who is also a child, tried to save her, he came under heavy fire, before paparazzi could take the photo that was widely circulated in the media. Where the pictures circulating on social media platforms showed the girl lying on the ground, covered in her blood and next to her a plastic bear, who was holding him to fill it.

death mines

In April 2021, a child was injured as a result of the explosion of a landmine planted by the Houthi militia in the Al-Sawadiyah District in the Al-Bayda District. A local source said that the child, Saleh Rakin Abd Rabbo Al-Wahbi, was injured while grazing sheep, in a valley in the Al-Wahbeya area.

The source explained that the explosion led to the amputation of one of the child’s legs.

in front of his parents

In October, Houthi militia snipers, stationed on the outskirts of the Maris area, Qataba district, Al-Dhalea governorate, targeted the 10-year-old child, Muhammad Faisal Al-Matar, and shot him dead while he was leaving his house in the village of Al-Jarouf.

Sources close to the child’s family confirmed that the child, Muhammad, was sniped by the militia in front of his parents’ eyes.

huge numbers

In October, three citizens, including a child, were killed when they were riding a motorcycle when a landmine planted by the Houthi terrorist militia exploded in the Durayhimi district, south of Hodeidah, western Yemen. (60 years), the sources indicated that the people rushed to the scene of the explosion to rescue the victims, but the injured died instantly as a result of their serious injuries.

Human rights organizations, through field teams, documented the killing and wounding of 390 children, ranging in age from (1-17 years), by snipers belonging to the Houthi terrorist militia, from March 2015 until August of September 2021.

Recently, a Yemeni human rights coalition revealed that the Houthi militia had killed and injured 2,032 people, including 294 children, 132 women and 104 elderly people, during the period from December 2014 to June 2021, through its direct and deliberate targeting of populated neighborhoods and camps for displaced people in Ma’rib Governorate.

The report documents the killing of 440 civilians, including 61 children, 37 women, and 29 elderly people, and the injury of 914 civilians, including 124 children, 73 women and 60 elderly people, as a result of the missile strikes on residential neighborhoods and camps for the displaced in 11 districts in Marib.


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