Technology Space: a third spacewalk for Thomas Pesquet

Space: a third spacewalk for Thomas Pesquet


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Thomas Pesquet left the International Space Station on Wednesday June 16 to install new solar panels. For his third spacewalk, the astronaut was well prepared.

The airlock has just opened. It is a little after 2 p.m. on Wednesday June 16 when Thomas Pesquet is the first to exit the International Space Station (ISS), followed by his faithful American teammate, Shane Kimbrough. But for this third spacewalk, it is the French who wears the red stripes of the head of mission. However, this mastery does not exclude emotion.

To be hooked with two fingers to the station, just to hold it like that and to look at a void of 400 kilometers under my feet, it does not matter, because the brain understood well that one was not going to fall. On the other hand, to put on a lanyard – so we are hooked, there is no problem – and to let go of these two fingers and to push towards the station and to leave like that in the total vacuum towards the Earth, but very slowly , that is very unpleasant“, explained Thomas Pesquet. The ISS still needs more electricity, and the two astronauts will spend more than 6 hours installing new, more efficient solar panels at the other end of the station. An articulated arm goes help Thomas Pesquet and Shane Kimbrough unrolling these panels weighing 350 kilos. The Frenchman was perfectly prepared for this.

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