Technology Space emission. “Is there a pilot in the ISS” asks Louane, 9, to Thomas Pesquet

Space emission. “Is there a pilot in the ISS” asks Louane, 9, to Thomas Pesquet

May 22, 2021. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet, the first supporter from Space in the ISS, of the Stade Toulousain, who wins in the final of the European Rugby Cup, against La Rochelle, at Twickenham. (DOC THOMAS PESQUET / TWITTER / MAXPPP)

Like every Saturday on franceinfo, astronaut Thomas Pesquet answers children’s questions from the International Space Station. This week we are going to visit the ISS!

Welcome aboard with Nina and Nina, both of which go toAimé Legall school in Mouans-Sartoux, in the Alpes Maritimes. In this space show you will also be in the company of Louane, of the’Auzouville sur Saâne school, in Normandy, and finally Huyem and Rayan, both students at Léon Rousso school, in Nîmes, and who also want to know everything about the ISS.

Nina and Nina, ask if the ISS is big, how many m² it is and if the astronaut is ever lost in the station. In his answer, Thomas Pesquet explains to them that the ISS is indeed very large: “It’s not like a house … It’s more the cubic meters that count. You live in three dimensions and make about 400 cubic meters … It’s like a big Boeing 747, a plane long haul. “ And, luckily no, he never got lost in the ship, even if he sometimes gets a little disoriented!

Erwan, 9 years old, ask this question: “How did you get the ISS back into space?”. The astronaut answers him that it is done in several times, “Like a Lego”, the songs have been played back one after the other since 1998, and today the station is full.

Louane wonders, “Is there a pilot in the ISS?”. To summarize, “No, there is no pilot in the ISS, unless there is a problem”.

Huyem is 6 years old, and he is already very pragmatic! He wants to know : “How do you manage to clean the Cupola and how do you clean the windows?”. Thomas Pesquet reveals that the big day of cleaning in the ISS is Saturday and that everyone is doing it. On the other hand, if nothing is really planned for the cleaning of the windows of the Cupola, he finds that it is a very good idea to submit for the next expeditions.

It’s like on a boat, we make the ship shine.

Thomas Pesquet

RayanAs for him, and at the height of his 6 years too, would like to be able to count the daily passages of the ISS over France, and especially to know if the arenas of Nîmes are visible from all up there! The astronaut answers him that it depends because the ISS does not always pass in the same places.

“It’s quite cyclical, but fortunately, we have software that calculates our navigation, our trajectory. A bit like a GPS in a car which predicts in advance where we are going to be. Me, it allows me to ‘anticipate, to know that we are going to pass over France this evening. ” Maybe he’ll think about taking a photo of the Nîmes arena with his telephoto lens next time!

On this page, you can listen to this new episode of Space emission, in which astronaut Thomas Pesquet answers children’s questions about life aboard the ISS. An event not to be missed every Saturday, at 10:44 am and 12:50 pm, on franceinfo radio and to find in podcast.

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