Technology Space: SpaceX’s Starship prototype has landed successfully

Space: SpaceX’s Starship prototype has landed successfully



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A Chinese rocket out of control, a successful landing for a SpaceX rocket: the journalist France Televisions Jean-Christophe Batteria takes stock of the news on the space side, for the 12/13 of France 3.

A Chinese rocket out of control worries: it is heading straight for Earth. “The threat is real: it is a tank from a rocket that was fired on April 29. An empty tank but it is a part which weighs 21 tons and which spins at 27,000 km / h”, Explain the journalist France Télévisions Jean-Christophe Batteria. It should hit the atmosphere by Saturday, May 8. “Coins could enter the atmosphere and reach the ground”, he warns. The drop zone has been determined: there is a seven in ten chance that it will fall into the ocean.

A SpaceX rocket prototype managed to land safely after four spectacular failures. She was sent to 10 kilometers of attitude. “She rocked, she came down gently.” The engines did not explode this time, “everything went well”, continues the journalist. This type of rocket could make the connection between a future station, which will orbit around the Moon, and the lunar ground.

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