Technology Space tourism: at 90, Captain Kirk finally in space

Space tourism: at 90, Captain Kirk finally in space



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Captain Kirk, from the famous Star Trek series, really took a trip to space on Wednesday, October 13.

After a ten minute flight, with only three minutes in space, William Shatner aka Captain Kirk emerges from the capsule acclaimed by a few people. TO 90 years old, the latter is the oldest man to have joined space. It is the memory of a cult series that resurfaces. Indeed, in the Star Trek saga, he is captain of a spaceship for 79 episodes and seven films. Sixty years later, fiction caught up with reality.

“I wish I could say I was the oldest person to ever be in space. That we can say ‘it’s the oldest guy to be in thespace’. I want to have the vision, I want to have the space. I want to see the earth and what we need to do to save it “exclaims the actor. At a speed of 3,500 km / h, four of them embarked on a journey that will, certainly forever, be etched in the memory of the unforgettable Captain Kirk.

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