Infotech Sports betting: “The expected stakes in the world during the Euro are 87 billion euros!” “

Sports betting: “The expected stakes in the world during the Euro are 87 billion euros!” “

If the defeat of France against Switzerland during Euro football has showered some hopes (but not all), it does not stop the incredible success of online betting, and the omnipresence of their marketing. Between pre-match advertising spots, sports program sponsorships, placements with influencers and, of course, a multitude of 4 by 3 posters in public transport, the sports bet is essential until more thirsty in the daily life of the French, especially the youngest, particularly targeted in all these campaigns.

“Switch to the game”, enjoins Betclic with the humorist Thomas Ngijol or the rapper Fianso; “Everything for the daronne”, launches Winamax in reference to YouTuber Mohamed Henni; “The bet is stronger when we live it together”, Philosopher again Parions sport (French Games group) which features young people of all colors … “There are ads everywhere for betting sites! Winamax or Betclic are ultra-aggressive when it comes to communication. They are in the metro, on bus shelters, on top of trends on Twitter, sponsors of programs… ”, laments in “The Obs” Theo, a 22-year-old student, banned from gambling and followed by an addictologist.

“I slammed 10,000 euros in 4 months in online sports betting. When I told my girlfriend, she left me ”

A significant problem that confirms Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, the president of the National Games Authority (ANJ), who delivers to the “Obs” her observations and, in the past

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