Entrepreneur “Stay on the move to adapt to the vagaries of this crisis”

“Stay on the move to adapt to the vagaries of this crisis”

“In 2020, the big challenge was to keep all Addev Materials factories open. Apart from the Mulhouse site, temporarily shut down due to a specific local context, all the others continued to operate, adapting to health constraints. Due to our international presence, we have seen the wave gradually affect activity from East to West. Thus the solutions implemented initially in France and Italy were then used by sites in Great Britain, Germany and the United States, which were able to prepare better.

In France, we had to resort to partial activity in April-May and to a lesser extent in the last quarter of 2020. Finally, the group ended last year with a turnover down 14%. The fall was more brutal in aeronautics, especially in Great Britain. In the automotive industry, the market has suffered, but the changes in this industry towards electrics are leading to new assembly problems and the use of new materials which are ultimately favorable to us. In this unprecedented context, our usual financial partners and Bpifrance played the game well. We benefited from an EMP equivalent to just under 20% of our turnover in France. This loan is primarily used for secure our cash flow.

New markets

2021 will be the year of the revival. While waiting to regain growth in our historical sectors such as aeronautics, Addev Materials will continue to develop new markets. Being on the move is the best way to adapt to the vagaries of the economy. Among our priorities, there is health and hygiene for which a division has been created. The opportunities are increasing both in Europe and the United States. For example, American automotive suppliers have mobilized to produce medical devices, thus opening up great opportunities for us in certain adhesive materials or non-woven paper. The goal is toerase last year’s air gap achieving 15% growth.

Digital transformation

Several million euros are invested to accelerate our digital transformation. This involves the creation ofmobile apps order tracking and replenishment, especially for larger customers. As shopping on the web becomes entrenched in the consumer’s daily life, it makes sense for the B2B industry to come there. The objective will therefore be to take off online sales, in particular with our SME clientele, which are very numerous in France. Finally, the digitalization of the industrial tool is part of our plans. If we want to obtain more flexibility, reduce lead times and offer tailor-made solutions, we must invest in Industry 4.0.

Frugal and local

Whether it is our chemical suppliers on the one hand or our major aeronautics and automotive customers on the other, all of them put their CSR strategy at the forefront. It is a very promising subject when you know how to tailor-make. We have already started to offer anti-waste liquid products, packaged in the right dosage. Doing better with less materials, recyclable or reusable if possible, is the future. We are entering the era of zero waste and local sourcing. We, too, industrialists, must become more frugal and play the local card. “

Addev Materials in brief

Activity: manufacture of glues, adhesive and insulating films for industry.
15 industrial sites including 6 in France, 1 in Germany, 1 in Belgium, 1 in Poland, 1 in the United Kingdom, 4 in the USA and 1 in Canada.
2020 turnover: 150 million euros.
Staff: 700 people.

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