Top Stories “Stop Al-Houthi Terrorism” … An electronic campaign witnesses a great interaction on “Twitter”

“Stop Al-Houthi Terrorism” … An electronic campaign witnesses a great interaction on “Twitter”

On Friday evening, an electronic campaign was launched on social media, the largest in Yemen, to emphasize the terrorism represented by the rebel Houthi militia and to inform the world of its terrorist crimes against the Yemeni people.

Thousands of Yemeni bloggers participated in the campaign, especially on Twitter, where they published stories, recordings, and videos documenting the grave violations committed by the Houthi militia against civilians, public and private facilities, and the role of memorizing the Qur’an, according to what was monitored by the editor of the “Sahwa Net”.

The hashtag #StopHouthiTerrorismInYemen Twitter trend on the national level, in the early hours of the campaign launch, while bloggers aim to reach and lead the global trade, as happened two weeks ago in the first campaign in which the hashtag topped the global trend by more.

In their tweets, activists, officials and Yemeni politicians reviewed aspects of the violations and crimes committed by the Houthis since their coup against legitimacy and the invasion of Yemeni cities and state institutions in March 2014.

The Minister of Endowments and Guidance in the Government of Political Competencies, Muhammad Eida Shabiba, wrote, “The Houthi group claims its ethnic distinction and the sanctity of its dynasty, and based on this supreme claim that is inconsistent with reason and equality, it uses weapons to reach power as its right and persecutes Yemenis who call for equality until they recognize it with ethnic superiority and the right to rule Ethnic and terrorist group. “

Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muammar Al-Iryani said that the militias committed “thousands of crimes and violations against civilians in their areas of control on a daily basis, escalating their military operations, targeting civilian objects in the liberated areas and the Saudi neighbor, and attacking commercial ships, oil tankers and international shipping lines.”

Al-Iryani added that the Yemenis are paying “heavy prices, and the economic and humanitarian bill and the cost of reconstruction increase every day, and the suffering of citizens worsens, in light of the Houthi coup that undermined security, stability, public services and infrastructure, pushed the country back decades and worsened Yemen’s relations with its neighbors.”

The representative of Yemen and its ambassador to UNESCO, Dr. Muhammad Jumaih, pointed out, “The Houthis try to thwart your campaign in conveying the voice of our oppressed people to the world, sometimes by controlling the Internet, others with hashtags close to the campaign hashtag to mislead, and third by ridiculing and minimizing the campaign. Our young men and women continue your blessed campaign.”

Writer Ahmed Othman tweeted on his account, saying, “With his coup against the legitimate state and national consensus, he opened a hole of hell in which he practiced the most heinous crimes throughout history of killing, displacement, torture, assassinations, and plundering public and private wealth, including the salaries of employees, in addition to blowing up the homes of his opponents, including mosques and Qur’an schools.” .

Journalist Abdul Basit Al-Shajie pointed to the terrorist militia’s decision to ban the new currency, and said that because of this decision, “the old currency that the militia allows to trade in in its areas of control has become … 80% damaged and no longer suitable for circulation. Hungry account. “

Former Minister Yasser Al-Raeini explained that the Houthi group has practiced against “the people various terrorist crimes and violations that are classified as terrorist acts in all the laws of the world, and Yemenis cannot coexist with this terrorism or accept the continuation of the Houthi terrorist group, and the world must stand with Yemen to eliminate this terrorism.” .

Activist Mustafa Naji noted the Houthis ’violations of children’s rights and said that they are mobilizing children to be” a new fuel for the Holocaust. He promises them death and steals from them childhood dreams and human rights. He is taking away their humanity to be his soldiers in killing others for dreams of superiority and racism. “

Analyst Yahya Abu Hatim pointed out that individual mines were planted by militias “in residential areas, farms, and roads, and the Yemenis were killed.” He wondered: Wasn’t it “turning those areas into a terrorist hell?” And explained that “the Houthi terrorist group planted 20,000,000 million mines in Yemeni areas, killing hundreds. From Yemenis, even animals are not safe from their evil. “

Tariq Al-Qurashi stressed that the campaign is for the “unjust world not to abandon the support of the afflicted Yemeni people,” stressing that the Yemeni “will not hesitate to recover his rights stolen by the revolutionaries and their supporters.”

The Yemeni tweeters condemned the position of international humanitarian organizations operating in the country and the stance of major countries on militia violations, stressing the need to classify militias globally as a terrorist group, and calling for zero tolerance for Houthi theft of aid and using the humanitarian crisis as a blackmail card for the world to identify with their crimes and violations, most of which amount to crimes. War and genocide.


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