Infotech Strike against pension reform: traffic “severely disrupted” Tuesday, at SNCF and RATP

Strike against pension reform: traffic “severely disrupted” Tuesday, at SNCF and RATP

Traffic will be again “very disturbed” Tuesday February 7 for trains, TGV as TER, as well as in the metros and RER, on the occasion of the 3rd day of national strike against the pension reform project, indicated this Sunday the SNCF and the RATP.

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The traffic will be “seriously disrupted on all lines operated by SNCF Voyageurs”, with one train out of 2 on average for the TGV Inoui and Ouigo and 3 TER out of 10, according to the SNCF. On the main lines, the SNCF expects to see one TGV out of two on average (it was one out of three during the previous day of action, Tuesday January 31): two out of five TGVs on the North axis, one out of two in the East, one out of three in the Atlantic arc and two out of five for the South-East, from province to province and for the Ouigos.

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The RATP plans for its part “very disrupted traffic on the RER and metro networks”, “slightly disturbed on the Bus network and normal on the Tramway network”. In the Paris metro, lines 1 and 14 (automatic) will operate normally, as will 3bis. One in two trains will run on line 4.

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For the others, the trains will be less frequent with reduced hours in the evening, or only at peak times, or even for two others (the 8 and the 13) on only a portion of the line. As for the SNCF, it’s a little better than last Tuesday, when 5 lines were able to operate on only one portion.

On the bus side, on the other hand, on average 8 out of 10 will circulate, and traffic will be normal on the Noctilien network. However, in general, the RATP “invites all travelers who have the possibility to favor teleworking or to postpone their trips on the network that day”.

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