Infotech Strike by SNCF TGV and Intercités controllers: 4 trains out of 10 from Friday to Sunday

Strike by SNCF TGV and Intercités controllers: 4 trains out of 10 from Friday to Sunday

A strike by controllers for categorical measures will force the SNCF to cancel 60% of its TGV and Intercités from Friday to Sunday, a gradual resumption being planned for Monday, the company announced on Wednesday, November 30.

SNCF Voyageurs plans 1 train out of 2 on the TGV Nord, 1 out of 3 on the TGV Est, 1 out of 4 on the TGV Atlantique, 1 out of 3 on the TGV Sud-Est, 1 out of 4 on Ouigo and 1 Intercités out of 2 on Friday until Sunday, she said, noting that affected travelers should be notified. No night trains should run.

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Internationally, the company expects normal traffic for Eurostar and Thalys, 1 in 3 TGVs to Switzerland, 1 in 2 to Germany, 1 in 3 to Italy and no traffic to Spain.

A “gradual recovery” is envisaged on Monday, with 3 out of 4 trains to all TGV axes, according to a press release.

Complete refund

Customers who have left their contact details must be notified by email or SMS on Wednesday if their train is maintained or canceled. In any case, the company recommends that they check the train timetables before going to the station and, when possible, postpone their journeys.

The government asks the SNCF to work on a “tariff shield” to limit the price of train tickets

All travellers, whether their train is maintained or cancelled, and whatever their ticket – TGV Inoui, Ouigo and Intercités – may be fully reimbursed for journeys scheduled between Friday and Monday, or exchange their ticket free of charge on all trains where there is still room until Thursday, December 8 inclusive, according to SNCF Voyageurs.

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A strike despite weeks of negotiations

The captains – generally called controllers – perform an essential function in terms of traffic and passenger safety, and are therefore essential to authorize the circulation of a TGV in all safety conditions, underlined the public company.

Management regrets a sustained movement “while concrete and important measures have been proposed to the trade unions following several weeks of negotiations”.

The government promises a night train from Paris to Dax, Bayonne and Pau in 2024

These measures related, according to the press release, to the specific career development of this category. “with an increase in the volume of promotions and an increase in their annual remuneration from January 2023”. “Additional measures had also been proposed to facilitate the change of profession for those who wish to do so”she added.

This strike comes on the eve of the start of the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO), which must begin on Wednesday, December 7 at the level of the SNCF group. The CGT, SUD-Rail and CFDT have called for a “united strike” That day.

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