Life Style Symptoms of Long Kovid are also visible in these patients of Corona

Symptoms of Long Kovid are also visible in these patients of Corona

New research is being done all over the world regarding the symptoms of corona patients. In a new research, it has been found that out of asymptomatic people, about every fifth patient has had symptoms of long covid for a month. Such people have been facing some or the other problem related to Corona throughout the month. However, due to mild symptoms, most people are recovering by staying in isolation at home. This study has been done in America. In which it is said that, ‘Despite the symptoms of Kovid-19 being less, it is affecting many people for a long time.’

Long covid threat
Corona patients with mild symptoms have had symptoms of long covid for more than 4 weeks. Such people have been suffering from pain, difficulty in breathing, restlessness, fatigue, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

This study also said that after 30 days or more of recovery from corona, such patients were 46 times more likely to die, who were hospitalized after being diagnosed with corona and after recovery. Later sent home. While those who have recovered by staying at home, the death toll was less.

It has been said in this study that 19 percent of the asymptomatic patients of corona showed long covid symptoms 30 days after treatment. Out of which only 50 percent people were admitted to the hospital. 27.5 percent of the people got cured by staying at home.

According to age, symptoms of long covid were seen in corona patients. There was a problem related to the intestine in children, while symptoms of Long Kovid were seen in more women than men. Inflammation of the heart was reported in most of the men. A quarter of these people were between the ages of 19-29. In some people, the problem of depression, tension and adjustment disorder was also seen.

cause of long covid
The causes of Long Kovid are not yet known properly. It is also called post covid syndrome or post-acute sequel. Experts say that in the early stages of infection, the virus damages the nervous system. This could also be a reason for this. This disease is cured very slowly, so the effect of the virus remains in the body for a long time.

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