Top Stories Taiz.. A mass party and a carnival show to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the glorious September Revolution

Taiz.. A mass party and a carnival show to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the glorious September Revolution

Today, Sunday morning, the city of Taiz witnessed a mass party and a big carnival show to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the 26th of September revolution, with a large popular and official presence..

During the celebration, the Undersecretary of Taiz Governorate for Defense and Security Affairs, Major General Abdul Karim Al-Sabri, affirmed that today we are all liberation battalions, and martyrs’ projects, for the freedom of the homeland and the dignity of the Yemeni, and to restore consideration to the Republic, which is trying to infiltrate the racist priesthood to return the wheel of history to the brigade, stressing that they dream and wheel History will not go back.

Al-Sabri added, “Today we celebrate the 59th anniversary of the September 26 revolution in all Yemeni cities and villages, and with it the flame of the Yemeni revolution is renewed, and with it the popular oath of victory for the republic after the racist Imamate represented by the Houthi militia infiltrated the worst version of the dynastic Imamate into the republic’s court, trying to seize the rule of Yemen.” Supported by the ambitions of the Persians and their renewed hatred against the Arab nation as a poisoned dagger to stab Yemen and fragment the Arab nation.

He called on the people of Taiz to sense the critical national stage and not waste time on what does not benefit the battle of liberation. It is our duty to all of us to mobilize all our energy to mobilize all we have behind the national army to achieve victory for Taiz, which is the window to victory and the gateway to liberating the capital, Sana’a.

He assured the world that the battle with Al-Houthi is a battle of existence, and we are all a reserve army supporting the national army, either we are or we are not, and at this time the peoples’ minerals are known, and we do not compromise or compromise on the freedom of the homeland.

Al-Sabri added, “We know that our people, at the forefront of Taiz, are subjected to multiple conspiracies to break their will and disperse their power. and generations.”

He stressed that the people will fight the battle, no matter how long it is, whether it is in the form of a military siege, missiles and missiles, rumors or an economic and living war.

He called on the government to leave the box of negativity and move to stop the deterioration of the currency that affects the lives of citizens, and to move at all levels, and this is its duty and justification for its existence in the first place, calling for fighting corruption and the corrupt, stressing that corruption in wartime is a form of betrayal.

Yesterday evening, Taiz witnessed the lighting of the torch of the 59th anniversary of the glorious September 26 revolution, and the firing of fireworks to celebrate the occasion that overthrew the Imami priestly rule.


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