Top Stories Taiz police arrest an armed gang after violent clashes

Taiz police arrest an armed gang after violent clashes

The security campaign of the Taiz police managed to arrest an armed gang practicing robbery and looting and carrying out acts of interruption in the areas of Bir Basha and Al Hasab.

Lieutenant Colonel Walid Al-Asali, security and order officer in the Taiz governorate police, explained that the security campaign managed to arrest 8 members of the armed gang, one of whom was injured during the clashes after they tried to resist the security services in Al-Shamasy neighborhood near Al-Thawra General Hospital.

Al-Assali said that the security services seized 6 weapons, two cars and a set of chips used by the gang

The Assistant Director General of the Police for Security Affairs, Colonel Nabil Al-Kadhay, confirmed that the security services, according to the directives of the Director General of the Police, Brigadier General Mansour Al-Akhali, continue to pursue the rest of the members of the armed gang headed by Anas al-Maghribi, nicknamed Al-Assi.

Taiz Police Director, Brigadier General Mansour Al-Akhali, sent a message of thanks to the security campaign and its leader after the success of their mission in arresting the armed gang, re-establishing security control over Al-Thawra Hospital and its surroundings, and imposing security in a number of city streets.

Pointing out that the security services will not be negligent in achieving security and stability and in pursuing and arresting all wanted persons.


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