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Tampering with the unity of the national class – Al-Sahwa Net news website

The follower of the interview conducted by Al-Hadath TV with Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, the head of the Transitional Council, finds that the most thing he did was try to evade and get rid of answering the embarrassing questions that the announcer asked him by repeating the illusions nesting in his mind.

The announcer stuck him in a narrow angle when she told him that the transitional plays a negative role from time to time and this leads to the failure to maintain the unity of the anti-Houthi rank, so he went to attack legitimacy and its symbols and accused the Vice President of the Republic of supporting al-Qaeda and ISIS and that the “Brotherhood” is trying to charge the south with terrorism, and they are Shafi`i And Sunnis, in a strange, pathetic and ironic contradiction, and in agreement with the Houthi militia’s proposal, and even coming out of one kitchen, and indicating that he is still in contact under the table with Iran and the southern suburbs, and he has not forgotten the previous connection between them. And Hezbollah, who trained at his hands.

The announcer asked him why the temporary capital, Aden, which is run by the transitional forces, did not turn into an inspiring model for the rest of the provinces. The temporary settlement of Aden or return to it, and they launched wars targeting the legitimate forces, the latest of which was the events August 2019 AD, in which they turned against the state.

The announcer mentioned that there is cooperation between Houthi terrorism and al-Qaeda, and that the latter did not attack Al-Houthi areas, to which our enemy responded, “the Muslim Brotherhood,” and he kept repeating this term in the interview more than what Al-Houthi and Al-Qaeda mentioned.

It is true that Aidaros did not mention reform, but he frequently repeated the term “Muslim Brotherhood” and that they are the number one enemy as the transitional tries to attack fix Always and attaching the adjective “brothers” to him as if he was repeating cylinder Cracked and worn out was indoctrinated and stopped thinking then.

Certainly, the important issues raised by the presenter, which are very visible facts, exposed Al-Zubaidi and pushed him out of his way, and because he was unable to confront them, west and east, and directed his arrows towards legitimacy and devoted most of his speech to criticizing her and holding her all the evils, ignoring the intention of Al-Houthi and ignoring the absurd role played by Iran in Yemen, as he did not mention it throughout the meeting. .

As for the security and military part of the Riyadh Agreement, everyone knows that legitimacy has fulfilled all its obligations in this context, except for Aidarous and his council, who sees legitimacy as the obstacle. The Riyadh Agreement is seen as completing the change of governors and empowering its elements of military and civil authority in the governorates covered by the agreement.

It is established that with each appearance of Al-Zubaidi, he deteriorates more and more. The media, as much as it gives any politician an opportunity to maximize his national position and balance, as much as it eliminates him. The aspect of his presentation is correct and out of decency.

It became clear to everyone who followed this interview and others that Al-Zubaidi is haunted by the issue of secession, defying the will of the Yemeni people and the goals of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the international consensus.

Does Al-Zubaidi realize that all the rivalries that serve the Houthis are free gifts and neglect the security of Yemen and the region, and that the danger of this militia is growing every day and threatening Yemen, the countries of the region and the world, and that there is no room for more tampering and fabricating side wars, and that the current moment requires mobilizing all efforts to resolve The battle of liberation and cessation of everything else, and that the honorable stand of our brothers in the Arab coalition led by the two sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates requires benefiting, not wasting opportunities.


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