Auto TANK… High performance with smart technology

TANK… High performance with smart technology

Ali Marzouq Al-Ghanim: The SUV is a lifestyle that includes adventure, fashion and luxury
TANK takes users’ lifestyles into account for a whole new customer experience
We are proud to bring TANK, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors, to Kuwait
The model will be a resounding success for its superior quality and outstanding off-road performance

MacFam Automotive Company, the exclusive agent for Great Wall Motors and a subsidiary of Ali Al-Ghanim Sons Automotive Company, celebrated the arrival of the premium SUV brand TANK in Kuwait with the launch of the TANK 300.

TANK is a global luxury SUV brand launched by Great Wall Motors in response to the growing global demand for luxury and powerful off-road vehicles.

The Tank 300 is an award-winning, smart, luxury SUV, powered by Great Wall Motors’ innovation capabilities based on extensive research and development.

The TANK 300 features a noise-free cabin, low-range gear set, front and rear electronic differential locks, cruise and pass support systems, with the distinctive “Tank Turn” feature that allows cars to spin around themselves, and a crawling system, and it is now available to modern car enthusiasts. and sport utility vehicles in Kuwait.

Ali Marzouq Al-Ghanim, General Manager of MacFem Automotive, said that the SUV sector is no longer limited to off-road driving or city travel, but rather a multifaceted lifestyle that includes adventure, fashion and luxury.

He added that “TANK” is in response to this trend, taking into account the lifestyles of users, in order to design a completely new customer experience, by taking advantage of the efficiency of the extensive research and development approach adopted by “Great Wall Motors”, in addition to the remarkable manufacturing capabilities and innovation in terms of model Business.

Al-Ghanim added that the launch of “TANK 300” constitutes a new achievement for “MacFam Automotive” and “Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive” in Kuwait, which are proud to bring “TANK”, another successful brand of the Great Wall Motors Group, to the dynamic automotive market in Kuwait. Kuwait.

And he indicated that this model, which won many awards, will achieve a resounding success, thanks to its superior quality, high off-road performance, smart technology and its unique character as a sports utility vehicle.

luxury and power

Equipped with a 2-liter direct-injection turbocharged engine, the TANK 300 balances power and torque in a balanced manner, ensuring leading performance even when fully loaded. It produces 167 kW of power at 5500 rpm and 387 Nm of torque. Rotation, when the rotation speed is between 1800 and 3600 revolutions per minute.

The eight-speed automatic transmission ensures a smooth ride at high speeds and high fuel efficiency for this SUV, which is characterized by its body-on-frame design, and achieves acceleration from zero to 100 km per hour in a matter of minutes. 10.6 seconds.

The TANK 300 is installed on a wheelbase of 2750 mm and is equipped with remarkable features such as heated, ventilated, massaged and electrically adjustable front seats, adjustable ambient lighting with 64 different colors, leather upholstery, sunroof, and heated steering wheel.

The off-road capabilities of the TANK 300 are highest in aggressive crawl mode, with the perpendicular axle operating smoothly and braking quickly when climbing a steep incline.

This ensures that the TANK 300 can handle challenging and complex road conditions such as desert terrain and flooded valleys, and makes climbing stairs and slopes as easy as driving on city roads.

The TANK 300 has an ideal formula that combines power, off-road capabilities and intelligent control systems, and its importance lies in being an excellent off-roader and an excellent and reliable car for driving on city roads and long trips, thanks to the Traffic Congestion Assist system ( Traffic Jam Assist system, Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Center Keeping, Intelligent Cruise Assist and Traffic Sign Reminder.

Other noteworthy tech innovations in the car include a 360-degree video system that transmits the image across a variety of angles to see the conditions around the vehicle, while even when driving in adverse or low-visibility conditions, the surround-view monitor displays clear images on the LCD screen. ».

The most popular

The “TANK 300” was awarded “Most Popular Car among Users” and “Most Anticipated SUV of the Year” in 2021, and was widely recognized for its enormous potential, which was praised by the automotive magazine “PCAUTO” and for its excellent off-road performance.

The Kuwaiti market is the third Gulf market that witnessed the launch of the “GWM TANK” brand, as these countries are considered one of the most popular markets for SUVs.

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