Infotech Taxes: it’s time to declare… and optimize

Taxes: it’s time to declare… and optimize

Since last week, French taxpayers have been able to access the 2021 income teledeclaration service online. You therefore have a little over a month to declare your income online, the deadlines ranging from May 24 to June 8 depending on the departments. And it is certainly not too much for all the administrative phobic French people, and all those who have, in the past, occupied their month of May filling out dozens of tax forms without being sure of having indicated everything correctly.

But that was before. In recent years, the declaration service has been greatly modernized. With electronic declaration, of course, but also and above all with withholding tax. Because most of the income you will declare has in fact already been subject to income tax. The declaration is only used to determine whether you have paid enough direct debits. For the simplest cases, there is therefore absolutely nothing to do. And for most taxpayers, there are usually only a few boxes to re

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