Infotech Taxes: overview of the new features of the 2022 campaign

Taxes: overview of the new features of the 2022 campaign

Do not panic, even if the countdown started on April 7, there are still a few weeks to look at their 2022 tax declaration, relating to 2021 income. New fact, all taxpayers will have to complete this figure imposed online in the “Individual” section of the website. This obligation concerns this year all those who have internet access at their main residence.

Taxes 2022: time to declare your income as well as possible

First reflex: check that this pre-filled declaration indicates the correct figures. This precaution of use is particularly topical this year, with the bug which occurred on April 8, ie from the first days of the tax campaign. Many taxpayers, in particular civil servants in the public administration, very quickly noticed “filling gaps” in their declaration, forcing the Public Treasury to close access to the site for a weekend, in order to correct errors that affected hundreds of thousands of taxpayers.

Lesson to be learned from this episode: “Even if this turns out to be a tedious exercise, you should be vigilant and take the time to check your statement

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