Top Stories Teachers Syndicate: 18 schools suspended and 8,000 students deprived of education in Abdiya, south of Marib

Teachers Syndicate: 18 schools suspended and 8,000 students deprived of education in Abdiya, south of Marib

The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate confirmed that the siege imposed by the Houthi militia on the Abdiya district of Ma’rib governorate has caused the suspension of the educational process in 18 schools, and the deprivation of more than (8392) male and female students from continuing their education, in addition to the suffering of more than 183 male and female teachers who support hundreds of families in the same district. .

The union issued an urgent appeal to the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, to intervene urgently to save the people of Abdiya.

She called on the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the international community, the United Nations and the International Organization for Education.eiUNICEF, and all international human rights organizations with immediate and urgent support for the legitimacy to rescue teachers and members of their families in particular, and all the people of Abdiya in general, by pressing towards lifting the siege, or opening safe corridors for the besieged.

The teachers’ union also called in its appeal, the International Education Organization (ILO)ei) and the education unions in Yemen, and all those working in the educational field in all governorates as a whole to express solidarity with force and by various means, with the besieged teachers and their families and all the people of Al-Abdiyyah,” stressing that “the union is studying what can be done to escalate to the highest possible level in solidarity with their colleagues and colleagues.” teachers and all the people of Abdiya.

While the Yemeni Teachers Syndicate announced its condemnation of what it described as the unjust and systematic siege of the Abdiya district by the Houthi militia, it denounced the silence imposed by the international community, the United Nations and international human rights organizations regarding such a humanitarian crime against thousands of families.

In its urgent appeal, the union called on the leadership of legitimacy not to neglect the situation, and the need to move seriously and quickly to save the situation, lest this lead to negative and catastrophic repercussions on the besieged, and before this negatively reflects on the legitimacy itself.

The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate indicated that more than 183 families of male and female teachers are among 5,000 families, the number of residents of the Abdiya district in the Marib governorate, which amounts to a total of 35,000 individuals, including 9,000 children and 3,000 women, who have been living under an unjust and suffocating siege imposed by the Houthi militia on the district for more than one year. three weeks”.

He pointed out that the unjust siege on slavery deprived thousands of families of the most basic necessities of life from medicine, food and milk for children, which led to the death of three citizens due to the unjust siege, in a crime against humanity prohibited and criminalized by all international laws and heavenly laws.


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