Technology Telephony: a text message sold for 100,000 euros?

Telephony: a text message sold for 100,000 euros?


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The first SMS in history is up for auction. Some might spend over 100,000 euros to get what has become a collector’s item.

It is a message that is fast becoming the most expensive in the world. An SMS wishing “Merry Christmas”, Merry Christmas in English, could snatch 100,000 euros at an auction. And for good reason, this is the first SMS in the history of mobile telephony. In the 1990s, a team of engineers were trying to implement this technology when, on December 3, 1992, one of them sent the SMS from their computer.

The telecommunications sector has experienced a real revolution with the advent of SMS. More than 20 billion text messages are exchanged every day around the world. A mode of communication prized by the youngest who, sometimes, mishandle the spelling. According to experts, the proceeds of the auction could reach 200,000 euros. The current owner of the message, a British operator, intends to donate this sum to the United Nations.


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