Entrepreneur Teleworking: 3 companies reviewing their real estate projects

Teleworking: 3 companies reviewing their real estate projects

With the health crisis, bosses no longer necessarily see their offices in the same way. Moving, investing less, or simply considering a different way of working, all the real estate solutions are on the table. Three examples.

The Partnaire group is downgrading its future head office

Before the health crisis, the interim group from Orleans Partner (600 people and 475 million euros in turnover) had in its boxes an investment project of 10 to 12 million for the construction of its new head office, which was to settle on 7,000 m2 in Fleury-les-Aubrais. But with the Covid, its president, Philippe Gobinet, resized the operation downward. “ We hadn’t signed anything yet. I chose to review the investment and I found another site that was ultimately better suited to our new, undoubtedly sustainable mode of organization, which combines face-to-face and teleworking », Indicates the boss. The company now plans to move into new premises with a surface area of ​​3,000 m2. The investment, reduced by half, is around 5 to 6 million euros. The land is in the process of being acquired and the permit should be filed before the end of the year. In about two years, these offices should accommodate around one hundred employees, a third of whom work remotely, while leaving enough room for the company to ensure its future development.

EWD Group in search of premises “like at home”

EWD Group, a company with 26 employees, terminated its lease and left its 300 square meter premises on the outskirts of Nantes in the middle of the summer. ” We had this project before the Covid, we wanted to change our approach, find spaces that resemble us, that have a little soul “, Explain Philippe Saurel, leader of this small group specializing in collaborative solutions and technologies under the brand Effi’connect especially. “ But the health crisis put this project on stand-by », Explains the leader. With a good half of its employees working from home, EWD Group therefore opted for a transitional solution in the old buildings of an electricity company, also near Nantes. The company is satisfied there with half of the space which it had previously. However, it has not given up prospecting to find premises, but its field of investigation is now broader. No more question of unmarked offices in somewhat anonymous tertiary areas. ” We want a place where our employees will feel at home », Explains Philippe Saurel, who looks at the hypothesis of industrial buildings to be redeveloped and even houses or even shared spaces “With people or skills that are in our ecosystem “. The Nantes boss evokes the permeability that must now exist between the home office and a place that is a bit like everyone’s home. In the end, however, the company will keep the initial surface of 300 square meters, but arranged differently, with living spaces “And the possibility of bringing everyone together from time to time”.

Prevision.io abandons 300 square meters at the Champs-Elysées

Prevision.io, specialized in Big Data and artificial intelligence, occupied superb premises in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, near the Champs Elysées. An effective showcase for this young tech startup, created in 2016 by four engineers, and which continues to expand, reaching 40 employees today. Containment, and the health crisis, have played the tipping point in their real estate strategy. This summer, a decision was taken not to renew the lease, which cost nearly 1,000 euros per employee per month. And to switch to 100% teleworking. “ Tech circles are fond of and accustomed to teleworking because the freelance is very present and the production tool is the computer transportable everywhere “, Explain Arnold zephir, co-founder of the company. But since the start of the school year, things are going backwards. A meeting two weeks ago reset the counters to zero. “ Some of our employees, especially the youngest, made us understand that they did not want to work alone in their small accommodation, 5 days a week. “ Prevision.io will not, however, return to traditional premises. The company is putting on the table several solutions: renting co-working spaces, or renting several sites with only a few positions scattered around Paris, to allow those who wish to “Find social ties”. Decision in a few weeks.

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