Entrepreneur Teleworking: the bosses have found the right formula

Teleworking: the bosses have found the right formula

One certainty: if they will be able to comply, business leaders do not want a return to total teleworking, in the event of further deterioration of the health situation. “This is not what we want, but unlike the first confinement, all employees are equipped for. Corn it is not something that we can perpetuate, otherwise we will lose employees », Explains Jean de Villèle, deputy general manager at Klésia, on the sidelines of the University of Medef, this Wednesday, in Paris.

It’s time for hybridization, between the need for a return on site to maintain social interactions and the sanctuarization of periods of remote work. “It will be difficult to turn back the clock,” confirms Cyril de Quéral, vice-president of Entrepreneurs and Christian Leaders (EDC), who also manages 300 people at his company Powell Software. Personally, I have a lot of employees in their thirties. We can never tell them to come back every day. You need a hybrid model. “

He recommends “one or two days on site for teamwork, to take the time to discuss together: this is not a time for productivity. “

“Teleworking is great for managing existing processes, but as soon as there is novelty, it is necessary to be in the innovation, it is necessary to be able to exchange in person », Corroborates Alain Monteux, boss of Tunstall, a company with 220 employees in connected health, which is organizing a rise in face-to-face work. The entrepreneur, who has already brought back half of his employees, still notes a loss of productivity of around 10%.

“The company is a collective”

“The challenge is to bring back employees,” says Jean-François Faure, creator of AuCoffre.com. It is more difficult to bring the youngest back, but I need people to come back. We had found harmony with teleworking, we must find harmony in a face-to-face-telework mix. “

“The company is a collective,” insists Lionel Reversat of Stody, an engineering consulting group which employs 250 people. With teleworking, many employees have lost sight of their colleagues, which has exacerbated individualism. Finding the collective is no longer an incidental issue at all. “

Reuniting with colleagues is also sometimes the occasion for some tension. “These are the same issues as in private circles, analyzes Cyril de Quéral. There are those who absolutely want to wear the mask, those who say that it is useless … The vaccinated, those who do not want the vaccine … “

“Everyone must be vaccinated,” concludes the boss of a large SME on condition of anonymity. Today the balance of face-to-face return is jeopardized by those who want everyone to wear the mask all the time and those who prefer to stay at home all the time, which creates problems of fairness. “

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