Auto Tesla cars are running underground soon!

Tesla cars are running underground soon!

American businessman Elon Musk has completed digging the world’s first underground express tunnel in Las Vegas, a project through which Musk plans to use vehicles belonging to his company that can walk underground without a driver at high speed.

And the authorities in Las Vegas, USA, published a map of the other tunnels that the subsidiary of Musk is building and which can be stopped at several stations in the famous American city, while the length of one tunnel is about 7 miles, or the equivalent of 12 kilometers, according to Reported by Bloomberg.

An ideal choice for all groups

Tesla vehicles modified for underground traffic will be used for the spending that is being worked on at a time when the MASK subsidiary, which supervises the drilling operations, will get about $ 49 million to oversee the operations of the new cars.

Musk seeks to help build a network of tunnels, through his infrastructure company,, which was established in 2016, whereby cars without a driver will be able to transport passengers to and from multiple stations in large cities. Each station has an elevator to transport passengers. To the surface, avoiding the construction of large and expensive plants.

Musk said earlier that digging and building a tunnel length of one mile will take about a year, a process which he is trying to speed up with new technology and designs produced by the Boring Co.

The Bloomberg report indicated that the cost of a trip using Tesla cars through the tunnels would not exceed the cost of Uber Lyft trips to conventional cars on the surface of the earth.

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