Infotech TF1-M6 merger: Martin Bouygues, the man who puts TV into concrete

TF1-M6 merger: Martin Bouygues, the man who puts TV into concrete

Martin Bouygues does not watch television any more than he goes to the Opera or to social gatherings. The only exception is the Club des Cent invitations., a group of patrons and artists who celebrate gastronomy and wine, his only known passions with hunting in Sologne and the family. It was therefore rarely concerned with the choices of its subsidiary TF1. This did not prevent him from piquing a memorable anger: in 2004, he had called CEO Patrick Le Lay all names in private, before criticizing him publicly, which he never does. Purpose of the blower? “Le Lay had said that TF1’s job was to” sell the French brain time available to Coca-Cola “. He hadn’t put up with it ”, remembers an elder. The formula caused a scandal. Three years later, Patrick Le Lay will be replaced by Nonce Paolini. Martin Bouygues’ first instruction is clear: “And above all, no waves! “

Paolini followed orders, just like Gilles Pélisson who succeeded him five years ago. “Today, TF1 is neutral, isn’t it? Martin Bouygues may be on the right, but he got along very well with François Hollande. He has no problem with Macron. Nobody complains about TF1 ”, sums up one of his friends. TF1 – which also owns LCI and TMC, and can bring together 12 million viewers in prime time – is no longer scary. Is this enough to convey Martin Bouygues’ latest idea: a merger with the M6 ​​group, which also owns the first radio pr

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