Infotech The 500 largest French fortunes exceed the milestone of 1,000 billion euros

The 500 largest French fortunes exceed the milestone of 1,000 billion euros

The accumulated professional assets of the 500 largest fortunes in France have increased by 5% in one year to exceed the symbolic bar of 1,000 billion euros, according to the ranking to be published Thursday by the magazine “Challenges”.

The CAC 40 belongs more to Bernard Arnault than to the State

Bernard Arnault, the boss of the world number one in luxury LVMH, remains at the top of the ranking, which he has dominated since 2017, with a fortune estimated at 149 billion euros, against 157 billion in 2021, estimates “Challenges”.

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The first ten weigh “half the total”

LVMH shares have lost 12% in twelve months on the Paris Stock Exchange, but Bernard Arnault, whose group is a 40% shareholder of “Challenges”, is the second richest man in the world behind Tesla boss Elon Musk , according to “Forbes”.

How the big bosses became the big bad guys

In France, it is ahead of the family of Alain and Gérard Wertheimer, heirs to Chanel (80 billion euros), as well as the Hermès family (78.7 billion euros). The top ten weigh “half of the total”said “Challenges” to AFP.

After having approached 1,000 billion euros in 2021, the cumulative value of the 500 largest fortunes in France will exceed this symbolic milestone in 2022, thanks to an increase of 5% over the year. Last year, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it jumped from ” 30 % “.

A “forty of new”

The threshold of entry into this very select group “Keep growing” and stands at 200 million euros. In 1996, in the era of the franc, it took the equivalent of 19 million euros to earn a place there.

The sequel after the ad

the “500 club” version 2022 account “about forty new”. Only professional assets, listed or unlisted, are counted, specifies “Challenges”.

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The owner of the shipping company CMA-CGM Rodolphe Saadé has made the best progress: +30 billion euros, a record since the creation of the ranking in 1996. “His group has benefited from the explosion in demand for imported products and transport prices”notes the magazine.

Symbols of their dazzling growth, particularly in tech, unicorns – unlisted startups valued at more than a billion dollars – are well represented. “Challenges” has 34 shareholders or founders of these young shoots among the 500 largest French fortunes, with an average age of 34 years. Jacques Gaston Murray is 102 years old the dean of the ranking, displaying a fortune estimated at 1.6 billion euros. He is the owner of Sicli, a French brand specializing in fire safety.

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