Entrepreneur The Action Eco4D company uses drones to clean monuments

The Action Eco4D company uses drones to clean monuments

From skin care to stone care, this is the path followed by Thierry Bourgeat, former marketing and sales director of Orlane, Nuxe and Avène in the cosmetics sector, who created Action Eco4D to start cleaning monuments. and rooftops using drones.

In 2020, the fifty-year-old stranded at his home near Blois, in the Loir-et-Cher, drew a line under Monday sales meetings and the suit and tie to take the step of creating a business. This inhabitant of the Loire Valley studied a local market, that of the maintenance of the castles of the Loire, of which certain facades made of white tufa stone are blackened by fungi and drips.

Up to 35 meters high

He invested 70,000 euros in the acquisition of several professional drones and a remote pilot license. “The drone is used for images, for surveillance and now for freight transport. In high-rise cleaning, a technological leap was missing that manufacturers have taken by considerably improving autonomy,” he summarizes. The small aircraft, which weighs 8 kg, lifts a pipe connected to a tank. It embeds the hose up to 35 meters high for the most powerful and projects a product less than one meter from the wall.

Associated with another company specializing in drones, Drones 37, Thierry Bourgeat has just completed an unprecedented project on the walls of the Château de Chambord. “The product, quaternary ammonium, derived from ammonia, is approved by the Historic Monuments. It blocks the cycle of the fungus, which falls off on its own after a few weeks. It is not harmful, the active ingredient being present in sprays against sore throats or cleaning wipes”, describes Guillaume Trouvou, director of buildings and gardens at Chambord.

Until now, this cleaning activity has been carried out by roofers or carpenters, “who have to mount scaffolding, ensure projections via poles, which is not very aesthetic or ergonomic and which lasts much longer”, explains Guillaume Found. While orders are pouring in for the cleaning of monuments and private homes, Action Eco4D is preparing to diversify by carrying out an inspection on the high ramparts of the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire.

The service

Creation date : 2021

Founder: Thierry Bourgeat

Effective : 1 person

Sector: heritage

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