Auto The all-new Tahoe 2021 … I am coming to you with power

The all-new Tahoe 2021 … I am coming to you with power

Redesign the cabin to be more spacious and spacious

Comfort and ease beyond the ordinary, the perfect harmony of technology and a human touch

– A luxurious ownership experience that elevates every ride and performance that gives you autonomy

Bigger … Better … More daring, it is the all-new Chevrolet Tahoe, to give you dazzling driving and superior performance, it is a multi-use vehicle that has creativity, spacious spaces, distinct capabilities and absolute control as never before. It is the car full of action more than any time ago.

The SUV vehicle meets all your aspirations. It was and will continue to open new horizons to give you the comfort and wonderful driving that you aspire to. The cabin has been redesigned to be more spacious and more spacious, giving you many options to use it however you want, with cooling up to (-5) degrees Celsius in the hot climates for the ultimate in comfort and luxury trips, comfort and ease beyond the ordinary. A perfect harmony between advanced technology and a human touch, with the communication services from «Chevrolet», which brings you a luxurious ownership experience that elevates each journey, and a performance that gives you independence.

Elon Musk

The standard features in the Chevrolet Tahoe include a distinctive front grille with chrome accents, a central chrome bar, and the “Chevrolet” golden logo, along with a 10.2-inch central screen with the “Chevrolet” infotainment system, and an alert and driver assistance package. Available features include seats. Incubator with integrated center console fridge, panoramic sunroof, luxury package, rear seat entertainment system.

Wherever you go, you will need a “SUV” ready to meet your needs, and for this reason, the all-new Tahoe combines an independent rear suspension system with available features such as a magnetic ride control system, and an adaptive air suspension system in 4 corners, which gives you one of the most Commentary progress and development.

In conjunction with these components with a 5.3-liter “ECOTEC3 V8” engine with a dynamic fuel management feature, the “Tahoe” will provide a unique and harmonious combination of superior power, luxurious and comfortable driving.


The new model of this legendary vehicle has undergone a complete redesign, making it bigger and better for 2021.

Tahoe now has a best-in-class interior with unmatched technologies, in addition to its class-leading powertrain systems that give dynamic driving advantages that are difficult to compete with.

And there are many features that have been developed based on information obtained directly from the region, which makes the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe a well-suited vehicle for the Kuwaiti market, as it comes as if it was made specifically to meet the requirements and needs of customers more than at any time in the long history of the brand.

The new version confirms Tahoe’s prominent position in the region, and it is a myth among a wide range of customers who have full confidence in its actual ability to balance high performance characteristics with practical advantages.

The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe comes with more options than ever before, to give drivers and passengers a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. As the official SUV for movement and excitement, it combines the most prominent new engineering features of a full-size truck with completely new systems developed specifically to meet the contemporary needs of drivers and passengers. The «SUV».

Tahoe was designed to masterfully handle the toughest sand dunes and take on challenging adventures, while distinguishing it from others with many characteristics, including the best-in-class approach angle of 34.9 degrees.

An additional 254 millimeters of legroom was provided for the legs in the third row, and Chevrolet’s designers worked to enhance the luggage space behind the third row of seats, by up to 66 percent, making the Tahoe for 2021 a full-size SUV vehicle. With high levels of functionality that allow you to enjoy various types of excursions and adventures.

Ease and fun

Although “Tahoe” for the year 2021 is a full-size “SUV” vehicle, it is characterized by ease and fun to drive, such as a smaller vehicle, with a significant improvement in the dynamic driving features, which are now the best in its class.

The most notable change is the all-new independent multi-link rear suspension architecture, which allows for the best-in-class Four Corner Adaptive Suspension in the Z71 model, and provides load balance at all corners of the vehicle, as well as the advantage of adjusting ride height up to four Inches.

Tahoe 2021 relies on a completely new chassis to elevate its high performance to better levels, while at the same time maintaining its good efficiency. It includes many class-leading technologies to enhance performance and conserve fuel, such as the developed V-8 engine with a management feature. Dynamic Fuel Management and automatic stop-and-start feature, the engine is mated to an available advanced 10-speed automatic transmission as standard.

The all-new Tahoe is full of incomparable advanced communication features and technologies, including up to five screens, including an 8-inch diagonal middle color touch screen, and a 10.2-inch diagonal color touch screen, with high definition (HD). An 8-inch diagonal dashboard and a 15-inch head-up display are also available.

There are 12.6-inch backlit LCD display screens, which is the most advanced media system in the class for the rear seats, in order to keep passengers at the top of the enjoyment during long trips thanks to the many entertainment options available. There are also other models of the new 2021 Tahoe. Altogether, they are “LS”, “Premier”, “Z71” and “LT”.

Chevrolet Care

“Chevrolet Alghanim” offers many advantages to enhance after-sales services through the “Chevrolet Commitment” program to all its customers, so that they provide reassurance and peace of mind with the presence of the largest service center in the world equipped with all modern equipment and systems for maintenance by a highly qualified technical team to provide the built service. On 4 pillars, they are competitiveness and transparency in value and wages, especially for SUV cars, reservation service for service on the same day, quality in service through a certified and highly qualified technical team, providing a guarantee of 3 years or 100 thousand kilometers with roadside assistance service 4 years 24 hours throughout week days.

Maximum safety

Chevrolet is aware of the utmost importance of safety that must be present, to protect families and individual adventurers alike, and has worked to enrich the Tahoe 2021 more in this aspect by including up to 25 advanced safety and visibility features.

In order to elevate the customer’s ownership experience to a higher level, the “OnStar 3” service will soon be available in the all-new Tahoe in Kuwait, giving more features and capabilities, as this pioneering technology within the vehicle, supported by a human touch, will keep it connected. Safety levels are enhanced once the customer subscribes to the service.

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