Top Stories The Arab Alliance: The Houthi militia is an Iranian game, and the response is in the field

The Arab Alliance: The Houthi militia is an Iranian game, and the response is in the field

The spokesman for the Coalition to Support Legitimacy, Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, described the actions of the Houthi militias as indicating a “lack of political or legal understanding” of the consequences of the terrorist attacks that the militias adopt against civilian objects, the most recent of which is the attack on Abha International Airport in southern Saudi Arabia.

Al-Maliki considered, in an interview reported by Al-Arabiya, that the militia’s decision was stolen from Iran, and that the Houthis are part of an Iranian political game, and that their actions indicate that they are fighting a proxy war for the regime in Tehran.

Al-Maliki stressed that the attacks did not result in civilian casualties, praising the efficiency of the Saudi armed forces, and clarified that if the attacks recorded civilian casualties, “we will strike with an iron fist, and the militias are well aware of this,” and that dealing with them in the field.

The spokesman explained that Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in the world that is most exposed to missile attacks, pointing out that the coalition has so far dealt with more than 345 ballistic missiles and more than 515 unmanned aircraft, as well as monitoring and destroying 62 booby-trapped boats and 204 marine mines, and recalling that it is Iranian support. For the Houthis to prolong the war, not a Houthi industry, as the militias claim.

Al-Maliki stressed that “the leaders of the terrorist militias are still on the American terror lists and also on the Security Council’s list of those obstructing the political solution in Yemen.”


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